Monday, April 26, 2010

Tasting at Drop

This weekend we went out for coffee - what a surprise. Two trips to Drop Coffee, in fact. Saturday we had the pleasure of meeting Samuli from Estate Coffee in Copenhagen. He brought six different coffees for us to try - and here's another shocker, we loved the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. It was lots of fun - informative and tasty, of course. Myrna took over the cafe, like she was in charge there. Oscar even gave her a few coffee beans to play with (little did she know that she was getting a treat from one of the top baristas in Sweden).

As Saturday's tasting was a special event, we had to return on Sunday. Chris had taken the 6 a.m. wake up with Myrna shift, so we were happy to plan our coffee excursion during her nap time. She slept and we properly caffeinated ourselves. A lovely weekend all around.


J Paul M said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoy checking your blog to see how you all are doing. Thank you for share all your life with us.

Aaron Burkhalter said...

You just make sure she doesn't get a taste for dried coffee beans. That could get ugly.