Friday, December 17, 2010

Easter in December - Why You Don't Argue with a 2-Year-Old

We've had at least a month of snow and cold. Nevertheless Myrna has recently found her Easter dress* from last year in the closet and insisted on wearing it today. (I just learned from Chris that she has been asking for the last week to wear it, but little did I know when I said ok.) We squeezed it on (over a turtleneck), and let her run around the apartment. There was no telling her that she had to change to go out and about, so we stuffed the tulle and big bows into her snow pants - a truly funny sight.

If she had her way, she still would have that dress on, instead of her pajamas. Though, to Myrna's defense, when she wore it last year on Easter Monday, it actually was snowing.

*A quick look back at photos reveals that this wasn't her Easter dress - rather her Father's Day dress - oops (and it certainly wasn't snowing in Seattle on Father's Day).

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Mark Jabbusch said...

A dress for success; and a grin for the win.