Thursday, December 23, 2010

Meeting Santa

We've been enjoying pictures of many little ones meeting Santa this Christmas time. We found the one Santa in the city for Myrna to meet, at the big department store NK. We started by looking at the Christmas Windows, and we should have known we were in for a treat, as Myrna seemed quite unsure about them all. She actually asked to get back into her stroller - we weren't sure if she was cold or scared, but either way we weren't going to dawdle.

Once inside, she was much happier - pointing out all the Christmas trees. We wandered up to the kids floor, and had an hour before Santa would actually arrive. Myrna worked on a list for Santa, before she led us around the toy department, destroying any toys in her path.

Visiting Santa here was a bit different than in the states, as there was no photo session with Santa, just a haphazard line of kids and parents snapping photos. When Santa arrived, we were ready to go, but as soon as we were "next in line," Myrna started wailing, and there was no way she was getting anywhere near Santa.

What I love about this photo (other than all the kids staring at Myrna) is that you get to see Santa's ever so stylish threads, certainly not the same-old red suit. I do remember my sisters getting scared of Santa and crying, but we still managed to get that photo, and I have no idea how my Mom did that.


Barbara Jabbusch said...

What a great adventure in the fancy NK department store!!! I love the picture of "making the list". We have one picture of Christina at Myrna's age with a full open-mouthed protest and another one of Lisa clinging to my neck with a tear-stained face. In that one we are standing behind Santa as you and Christina pose, grinning on Santa's lap.

Kelly Jabbusch said...

Yes, I do remember those pictures. I think the key was sibling pressure, which Myrna has none of.

Aaron Burkhalter said...

We never made it to Santa this year. All trips out of house were strictly relegated to family visits or functional shopping trips. The one mall trip we made exhausted all three members of our family.