Sunday, June 19, 2011

Kelly's Birthday vs Father's Day

This year was the first year I had to share my Birthday with Chris's Father's Day - sure it's happened lots that Father's Day was June 19, and I shared my birthday with my dad, but I never really minded then. Thankfully Myrna was in the know this year, so when people around town wished him a "Happy Father's Day," she replied with "It's Mom's birthday!" (or more likely, "it's Kelly's birthday"). She gave us the best present she could:
A nap for us to enjoy some brunch at Blue Star cafe

Later that night, we feasted on some crab for dinner. Myrna was a little wary at first and refused to touch the crab meat I had put on her plate before we sat down. But then she saw how much fun it was to crack the crab, and she was all game for cracking and eating.

Our little girl is developing some expensive tastes (she loves scallops, eagerly slurped down oysters on the half-shell last week, and now crab) but we are happy she's such an adventurous eater. About half the time she referred to the crab as lobster, and once it was even a stegosaurus (now that would be some really expensive taste).

At gift time, Myrna was convinced that what I wanted (and needed) was a tricycle - actually Chris and I needed matching His & Her tricycles. But instead they surprised me with a picture we had admired many times in Stockholm; and if I had been smart enough, I would have known that Myrna had told me about it a few times, but I was clueless to it all.

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