Sunday, June 26, 2011

Rockin out at the Harbor Steps

For about 90 minutes on Friday the sun came out and there was no rain, and we were at the Harbor Steps to see the Maldives play at the Out to Lunch Series. Myrna's experience with rock shows is close to none, so it was a good thing that Davis showed up with her parents, Kim and Douglas, to show Myrna how it is done.

While the band played, the girls did some serious running up and down Post Alley.

But once you got caught by Dad, something like this might happen.

Or even this.

After the set, Mom and Dad schmoozed with friends we hadn't seen in ages, and Myrna and Davis compared belly buttons. But all that running had taken its toll, and Myrna was fast asleep very shortly thereafter.

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Christina Merhar said...

fun stuff! they are adorable together