Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Recently Played: Frank Bretschneider

Way back in June I mentioned that there was a new Frank Bretschneider album out on Raster Noton. Rhythm is the title, and I finally picked it up and have been feeling it out this week.

Frank Bretschneider – We Can Remember It For You Wholesale
Frank Bretschneider – The Eight Day People

Man, makes me wish I had a lab coat. If clinical percussion's your pleasure, Bretschneider's your man.

While I'm at it, here's a Bretschneider track from way back in the 20th Century, recorded under his Komet moniker. This, by the way, happens to be the first Bretschneider I heard, thanks to Brian and Iman's excellent ears. It's out-of-print too, so show some respect!

Komet - 4'32”

An autobiographical aside: back in Seattle, when I use my Club Card membership at Safeway, I almost always get a “Thank you, Mr. Bretschneider.” There's a perfectly good reason for this, having nothing to do with electronic music, but I won't go into that here. There's also a perfectly good reason for Kelly, when she uses her Club Card membership, being called “Mrs. Dodson,” but I won't go into that either.


Brian said...

You're welcome as always Mr. Bretschneider!

Chris Burkhalter said...