Wednesday, November 5, 2008


November 4th started here in Germany a bit earlier than in the US. For us it meant a whole bunch of changes. First, we are now six weeks from the estimated arrival of the little Brussel Sprout, and so my Mutterschutz (maternity leave) begins. A bit to my surprise, it is illegal for me to now show up at my office, so the final books and papers were moved home. Lucky for me, I still have lots of work I can do from home - finishing up a paper and sending off job applications for next fall will certainly keep me busy. In fact, I'm not really quite sure what I would do if I couldn't so easily work from home (I get bored way too easily - just ask Chris). But on the upside, I at least can lounge around in "lounging pants," and since I'm down to one pair of jeans that fit (the skinny jeans finally got too skinny this weekend) I'm happy to hang out here.

By the time we were ready for bed, no polls had closed yet. So it was off to bed not knowing what would happen while we were sleeping (kind of like the 2000 elections). I forgot to turn off my alarm clock, so by 6:30 am we were in the know of the election results. Really, quite a wonderful way to wake up.

Now the final one that needs to get the memo about changes is the little one. She still hasn't turned around into the correct position, and the chances of her now flipping on her own are fairly slim...


Mark Jabbusch said...

So where are the pictures of you in lounging pants? Are there any ample pants to picture along with the ample vector bundles in your math papers?

Edie said...

Chris was a last minute turner -- and he didn't do it right. He was face first complicating his delivery. But in the end all was well and he was beautiful. When you're holding that little sprout, nothing more will matter.