Friday, November 21, 2008

Friday, November 21st: Es Schneit

Today I woke up to the banging wind outside. It poured rain through the morning, then snowed after lunch. By 4:00pm the skies were clear and blue, but much of Cologne was left disheveled at best - some tram routes even halted due to power failure.

Kelly is well on the mend, and up and moving now - even out of her hospital room. This is good, because her naïveté about the amenities of the free buffet were becoming comical. She's at the Weyertal hospital recovering, and is terribly anxious to get out and over to the Universtitätsklinik hospital, where Myrna is staying. They're only a block apart, which is fine for me, but exceedingly difficult for Kelly. Hopefully we can reunite the two soon.

Myrna is better than ever, free for now of IVs or anything scary like that, and greedily consumed her full bottle this afternoon. I've done two diaper changes now, and Myrna has indicated dissatisfaction with my work in that department. She's still a very quiet baby, but things like - hypothetically speaking - getting pampers tape stuck to her leg will get a respectable Schauspielerin howl out of her.

Myself, I am tired, but really I've had it pretty easy this week. Regardless, I'm going to bed and sleeping the sleep of the just.

Thanks to everyone who wrote us today! It's a great feeling getting to share our enthusiasm. Oh, and big ups to Heike at Inlingua for the lightning-fast Official Translation of our marriage certificate on such short notice!


Christina Merhar said...

Congrats!!! She's beautiful

Annamarie said...

Oh the joys of a post c-section diet. Yummy!***Please note sarcasm there***

What a beautiful little girl!!!!