Monday, November 24, 2008

Myrna's First Sonntag: Nowhere Near As Dry As 'Against Interpretation'

Saturday night we caught up with some Bruce Darnell action on the TV set in Kelly's hospital room. If you aren't familiar with this German media sensation, well, that's a shame, but appreciation does require some understanding of the language. As an accessory participant on a number of reality-based shows over here, he's shockingly addictive. My favorite moment from Saturday's talent competition, where he served on the panel of judges: "Ich habe einmal gesagt, und ich sage noch mal. (pauses to stifle a tear) Lena, du bist besonders." Something like that, anyway.

Sunday was a-lot-of-snow day. Kelly visited the baby again. Myrna continues to develop exponentially in alertness, responsiveness, curiosity, and even adorableness. Also a little in fussiness and a lot in diaper-changing hijinks, but we won't dwell on those things.

Word on the street is that Kelly will get to come home Monday. Not sure yet how she's going to do on those four flights of stairs to our apartment, or how she'll take to the futon-on-the-floor set-up we've got over here (as short-term expats, some luxuries have necessarily been sacrificed -- ask me some time about my record collection). So we will see how all that plays out, but presumably she'll be able to spend a lot more time with Myrna on the Säugling ward, and will slowly readjust to life outside the Krankenhaus as well.

Also tomorrow, Kelly's mom rolls into kölsch-town, which should be pretty helpful, what with Kelly's still-limited mobility - not to mention our general ineptness in infant-handling.


Chris Burkhalter said...

PS - For the record, I don't actually find 'Against Interpretation' at all dry. The prose in that book is tighter than three or more heads in a CRX, as Dirty Harriet would say.

Douglas Mapes said...

So so awesome.

Mark Jabbusch said...

You realize that when Myrna is 15 and totally obnoxious and wild, she will get hold of this blog, and realize how cute and precious she is.... and melt like the Koeln snows in mid day sun.

Christina Merhar said...

keep the photos coming! I am glad everyone is doing well. what a precious photo. I hope you have a wonderful time with 'grandma'! wish we were there.