Monday, June 25, 2007

Embracing Skinny Jeans

Earlier this spring I decided to see what the whole skinny jean craze was about. In the comfortable confines of a hipster-neutral Gap I tried on my first pair. This first pair was a little too small and I suddenly had a flashback of being an 11-year-old girl in a Bellevue Square dressing room trying to find a pair of skinny, ankle-zippered jeans that would fit me, but by the time they fit around my waist they were 7 inches too long. The second pair at the Gap did fit, but I didn't think I could pull them off (figuratively speaking). Fast forward to the H&M in Belgium, where I gave it another shot. After a week of contemplating the thought of owning such, I was sold and dragging Chris down the busy shopping street in Köln, weaving in and out of every other Saturday shopper. After hitting up the four H&M's, I finally found the perfect pair (had to find the correct dye job). The Sqin jeans and a cute dress I had also found in Belgium, but not in the right size, were very appreciated birthday gifts from Chris (of course finding them both at the same H&M store would have been way too easy).


Christina said...

Horay! Someone wearing skinny jeans that can actually pull them off! Stacy (as in Stacy and Clinton) would be proud. I will live vicariously through you now (at least for all of my skinny jean goals and aspirations). Looks like you are having fun. hugs,

Aaron Burkhalter said...

I heard our girl Paris left jail wearing a pair of skinny jeans... glad to inform you that you're in good company!