Thursday, June 28, 2007

Recently Played: Kangding Ray.

This was the other great find of my aforementioned Kompakt trip. Credited to a Kangding Ray, Stabil is a recent release from the austere geniuses at Raster Noton, and sits neatly beside the Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto collaborations, although it isn't quite as, I dunno, stately. The friendly guy who rang up my purchase boasted no less than timelessness for it. I certainly hope he's right; as it stands, this is the one and only compact disc I have here in Köln, and good grief, how else is one to advertise his personal qualities if not through the prominent display of carefully chosen CDs?


Speaking of Raster Noton, I noticed that there's a new record out by Frank Bretschneider (aka Komet), and the samples I streamed online sounded promising. Hopefully I can pick it up in the near future. Even better, maybe it'll turn up one Emusic.

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