Sunday, June 24, 2007

Recently Played: Famous When Dead V.

Electronic label Playhouse recently put out their newest Famous When Dead compilation. This was one of the finds of my first trip to Kompakt since our arrival. There's a terrific track by MyMy, but to my mind, the highlight is a shelved track from the ever-reliable Isolée. Reading me try to describe techno will get us precisely nowhere, so I'll simply say that it's kind of a banger, and post it for your listening pleasure.

Isolée - The Jacko Theme

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Mark said...

I like the C for Chris and K for Kelly; I'll lobby for Bellevue (already a B for Barbara) to have a second name of Mbabel (the m is silent in Africa names) for Mark.
Maybe we can find some of that beer for Christina's wedding.... I'll put Chris Beno on that one.