Sunday, June 24, 2007

Our Trip to Leuven, Belgium – June 16-17

After a slightly rocky start (Kelly set the alarm for 5:50 pm instead of am) we arrived in Leuven only two hours later than planned. That was a little after 1 pm, which still gave us plenty of time to see the city (ie go to an H&M and find the Leffe Cafe for some lunch). The highlight of the trip was Die Blauwe Kater, which we visited Saturday evening after exploring the city, and where we foolishly did not try the 10 euro glass of Westvleteren beer (because it was 10 euros) but have now later found it is pretty much impossible to get and not technically kosher to serve in a bar. We did though enjoy some St Bernardus Abt 12, Rocheforte 10 and the popular favorite Tripel Karmeliet (to name a few). Although we're still reeling from the tragedy of having missed an apparently legendary beer, the Rocheforte 10 was surely an excellent find. We also played some cards. Kelly won all the Rummy games, and Chris more or less dominated in Cribbage.


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