Sunday, May 25, 2008

Cannes Film Festival Awards Announced

If you're into it, the awards have all been doled out for the 2008 Cannes Film Festival. French auteur Laurent Cantet's classroom docudrama Entre les murs took the Palm d'Or. Further announcements can be reviewed here. Un Certain Regard category winners can be reviewed here. Bellyaching about how Arnaud Desplechin didn't take home the award can be reviewed here. And trenchant claims that Kiyoshi Kurosawa so isn't drastically overrated can be found all over the stinking internet.


Kerry said...

Yes, but where can we discuss the horrible, horrible fashion choices some made on the red carpet!? --kerry

Chris Burkhalter said...

Sadly, I didn't get to watch the broadcast, so I'm not totally up to speed on the formalwear. I do like, though, that Natalie Portman went back in time to let her six-year-old self pick out her outfit for the Dolce & Gabbana party. Actually, I think the shoes might have been a contribution from her three-year-old self.

But I think Catherine Keener unanimously wins the Palm for total wardrobe mishap:

Also, does anyone know what went down with Mischa Barton? She was M.I.A. for, what, like like 72 hours? It seemed like her handlers were rather transparently lying for her. Was she in Cannes flexing her new fake Russian accent? in London endorsing handbags? getting a makeover? deliverying a confidential dossier for British Intelligence? Very curious...

Kerry said...

Dude, all Natalie Portman wore was ruffles. it was really wierd.

But I agree, Catherine Keener took the cake on bizarre, although that outfit Eva Herzogvia wore was a close second.

or Phoebe Price? for reals???