Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Pfingstmontag in the Rheinsteig

If we are learning anything here in Germany, it is about Catholic holidays. Sunday was Pfingsten, or Pentacost, a church event that we were both familiar with. But little did we know that there also is Pfingstmontag, Pentacost Monday. A Catholic holiday in Cologne means a banking holiday, which translates into no shops, including grocery stores, are open. So we made the best of the beautiful weather (almost 80 degrees) and headed to the Rheinsteig for a hike. Similiar to our Rheinsteig adventures last summer, we didn't exactly travel on the path we had set out to do, but we did find our way out of the park and to the train station after 4 hours.
Next holiday, Corpus Christi, is in a few weeks. It however lands on a Thursday, which is always a bit odd to work around. The "Observed Holiday" (conveniently scheduled on a Monday or Friday) hasn't quite caught on.

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Mark Jabbusch said...

I like the many (more) Monday holydays in Germany. And a sunny day off to boot! on a path less traveled, with time on hold... you simply glow.