Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Visit from Meg & Brett

We've been slow on the posts, but that is because we have been busy showing off our city to lots and lots of visitors. The most recent wave began with Meg & Brett coming from Brooklyn for a week. Meg had lived in Köln for a while in high school, and impressed us all with her still fliessende deutsch sprechen. Chris could probably start giving tours of parts of Köln at this point, and took them to all our favorite places. But it was Meg & Brett that helped us find all sorts of new delicious restaurants around town. A wonderfully relaxing time was had by all, the days spaced out with good coffee and lots of delicious ice cream (aided by the fact that the weather was just starting to get nice). We even fit in a couple board games.
In the above picture, we're pairing some ridiculously expensive nectarines with a bottle of riesling that we'd bought during Aaron and Megan's visit. The below shot finds us breakfasting at Kaffeepause, a neighborhood cafe situated at the center of controversy at the beginning of M&B's visit, but which eventually became the preferred spot to begin the day.
On the right here is the aftermath of what must have been some kind of massive tic-tac-toe tournament, which we happened upon somewhere between Rathenauplatz and the Süd train station. By the time we'd arrived on the scene, both winners and losers had vacated the premises.

Following the visit to Köln, M&B spent a weekend in Berlin, which I can only imagine was very good times, but we missed them already.

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