Saturday, November 21, 2009

Celebrating Birthday #1!

Friday was Myrna's big day. We spent the morning tearing the apartment up, as usual. Her interest in her morning nap was non-existent, so we finally left for lunch. Thankfully she fell asleep in her stroller and stayed napping while Chris and I enjoyed a celebratory lunch. Then it was off to English playgroup - something I had yet to see. She had lots of fun crawling through her tube.Song time started off with "Happy Birthday" and continued with some funny British renditions of nursery rhyme songs (during which Myrna was more interested in crawling into the middle of the circle than sitting on her parents' lap like the other kids). After singing, Myrna begged some snacks off of other kids, and then we headed back home.

For dinner, we didn't do anything fancy, instead making one of our winter staples - a vegetable barley soup - that Myrna's happy to eat as well. After a little more playing, it was time for Myrna's birthday treat - her own (small) bowl of ice cream.

Of course she's grown up so much in the last year. More photos of her big day are on her November Picasa page.


Mark Jabbusch said...

Fun shot of Myrna coming through the 'iris', focussed and ready for whatever she can see that is new.

Anonymous said...

That's some Birth(day) Canal!

West Seattle Mapes said...

How is it possible that she's already a year old??!? What a cutie....can't wait to see you guys.