Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fog at the end of November

We've had a pretty laidback day today. I woke up early to have a Skype chat with my family, seizing on a holiday opportunity to find them all in one room at the same time. Later on, Kelly, Myrna, and I stepped out to enjoy a rare blue sky, strolling onto Södermalm for, yes, coffee. Any time we wander more than a few blocks from home, we invariably succumb to the allure of Drop Coffee's warm embrace. But as we'd just been there yesterday, today we decided to stop into Melqvist for something more on the espresso side of things. Also, incredibly delicious cardamon rolls.

Shortly after returning home for lunch, we couldn't see the sky, much less the neighbors. A beautiful blanket of fog had rolled in. It's probably still hanging heavy out there now but, now that it's 3:45, it's too dark to tell.

More photos in the Picasa album, including this one:


J Paul M said...

I love Myrna's lilac one button sweater. Did someone you know make it or is it from a shop. If it's from a "recipe" I would love to be able to track that one down and make a few clones.

Kelly Jabbusch said...

The sweater is a new birthday gift from my aunt Lynn, sent from New Zealand. It was made by her friend, but I don't have any more details.

Christina Merhar said...

I love the hawk! Auntie Christina & Uncle Eric are proud. Listen to all the Ramones you want, little Myrna :)

Aaron Burkhalter said...

AHHH! My niece has been kidnapped and replaced with Cindy Lou Who!!!