Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How does that work?

That is one of the world's smallest dishwashers (about the size of a large microwave) - but it works perfectly for us and amuses Myrna to no end. In fact she sat there for a whole 2 minutes staring at it - and that was 2 minutes she wasn't spending taking out all the towels and tupperware.

We also just posted the last of the October pics on her October album.


Mark Jabbusch said...

OH! I thought you said "dish watcher", not "dish washer"! I love those caught-in-the-act photos.

Kelly Jabbusch said...

I suppose one also could interpret it as "Myrna being the world's smallest dishwasher" but so far that certainly isn't the case (though she is very good at taking dishes out of the cabinet).

J Paul M said...

Kelly and Chris,
My Swedish traveling friend just sent me a couple more dining ideas for you.

Restaurant – with really good food, with many, many different kinds of beer!


Best place for Julbord (all the traditional Swedish Christmas food). It is expensive but well worth the experience.

You ride a horse and carrige to the restaurant.

Fun to go with a group of people. Don't forget to drink Snaps! You need reservations.


click on : se film från vårt julbord.

Have fun.