Saturday, November 14, 2009

Play Time!

We're quickly familiarizing ourselves with the many play grounds of Stockholm. Probably because of the long winter, there are many indoor places to take kids for playtime. The first place we visited was the Stadsmuseum, that has a special play room for kids. Myrna is a huge fan of the rubber herring they have there, especially when she can take them out of the bucket (taking objects out of their container is her favorite activity - and she empties her dresser at least three times a day).
Myrna and her dad have also been attending an English-speaking playgroup on Friday afternoons. Myrna has no fear when it comes to crawling through ten foot long tubes, even if she collides with kids twice her size in the middle. The best part of playtime away from the apartment is that there is not so much "no" time (no enticing power cords laying about) and watching her interact with other kids. She still has to be reminded to be gentle, but she does like to give other kids hugs and see what they're doing. We've been lucky that she saves the bites for her parents (she will come over to hug and nibble on us periodically before returning to "safe" play with other children).

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