Wednesday, December 2, 2009

End of November Stats

November has ended and the stats are in: 17.5 = number of hours of sunlight in Stockholm in all of November. This is uncommon, though, making it one of the "gloomiest" Novembers - but we were none the wiser, and didn't notice it much. (I'm squinting as I write this - sun is streaming into my office and I don't dare close the blinds to miss out on it.)

In other news, Myrna saw her first Swedish nurse. Her full physical (with shots) will be in a few weeks, but we did get an update on her stats:
Weight = 8.45 kg (18.6 lbs); Height = 74 cm (29.1 in); Head Circumference = 45 cm (17.7").

So, she's steadily growing and moving ever so slightly up in the percentile chart (around the 50th in height and head, and hovering just over the 10th in weight). For those of you that like charts, see below (and click on it for a larger view).

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