Monday, December 21, 2009

Christingle Carols

Sunday afternoon we visited St. Peter & St. Sigfrid's for the Children's Christingle Carols - a simple and imaginative telling of the Christmas story for (English speaking) kids with Christmas Carols. Myrna was interested in sitting on our laps for about 5 minutes before she was crawling down the aisle - a great preview of our cross Atlantic journey in a few weeks. The service ended with each kid getting a Christingle (bonus points to anyone who knows what this is)
After the service she got to meet her first Father Christmas (the church definitely has more British English than American). She wasn't quite sure what to make of it
As Myrna nodded off on the bus, we thought we could fit in a quick shopping trip. Unfortunately the Swedish H&M equivalent of "Santa Baby" foiled our plans, and we could only convince her to be civil for a moment. I did, however, manage to get a new hat and mittens, and am now a proud owner of legwarmers.


Christina Merhar said...

fun to see that you're finding neat Christmas activities there!

Lorina Tester said...


I spent the last hour reviewing your blogs. Wow. This is my first visit to a blog (seriously) and following your travels with Chris and the lovely Myrna has made me want to blog on my own.

Lorina (SLC, Utah, USA)

annluvsshoes said...

We really miss you guys. I know it's not Myrna's first Christmas, but it's going to be the first of the really fun ones. I envy you! Merry Christmas! PS. What a cutie!