Monday, December 14, 2009

The First Snow

All weekend the weather report kept predicting snowfall during the night. We did have a few flurries, but there was never anything on the ground in the morning. Today, though, we woke up to a beautiful dusting, followed by snowfall all morning. Myrna even got a chance to play in the snow (though by the time she and Chris got out, the snowfall had stopped). After slipping and sliding to the bus stop this morning, I'm now totally over the snow.

On a completely unrelated subject. If you were wondering what you should do with those Apple stickers that come with your mac....

Myrna's new toy box, that looks just like her dad's red-covered MacBook! One of two things will happen - she'll find that she loves the toy box more than her dad's laptop, or more likely, she'll think that anything with the Apple logo is hers.

UPDATE: A day later, we've got quite a bit more than a dusting.


Mark Jabbusch said...

It looks like that medicine Myrna is taking in the syringe is making her hair grow very well.

Kelly Jabbusch said...

Perhaps yet another benefit of Vitamin D!