Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ayo Technology

Sometimes I wish Myrna would spend more time with her wooden blocks. She's always been one for the electronic devices, and we still try to keep them away from her (yes, she does drop the camera when she's playing with it) but they do tend to come out. It's pretty obvious when she does get a hold of them (the screaming stops) and one of the following is bound to happen:

  • I suddenly have an "On the Go" playlist with one song repeated six times on my ipod
  • There are new voice notes on my phone (a feature I've never had any need for)
  • There are lots of photos of the ceiling on my phone
  • Chris's phone is ringing (thankfully he's really the only one I call, and she likes to dial the last number called - though this weekend she did try to call NYC)
  • The computer screen is on zoom and we have to consult the Help menu to figure out what 6 stroke key combination she managed to type to achieve such a feat

She's also a huge fan of the camera on our computers and the big mirror that the computer becomes (definitely a top selling point for me too). This weekend we really wowed her with a video skype conversation between our two macs sitting side by side.

Thankfully, she'll also become distracted by an discarded envelope, or by spinning around in a circle until she falls, only to stand up and begin again (a new favorite activity of hers) - just enough time to quickly steal back her new "toys." Then, just maybe, she'll go back to her blocks, and drop them into the subwoofer.


Aaron Burkhalter said...

I blame us... The whole family loves handing her phones and iPods when she's around. We're ruining your child, one visit at a time.

Mark Jabbusch said...

I looked up 'Ayo Technology' and I still don't think I know what it is...but I'm sure Myrna does. Clothes make then man, toys make the child, and the child makes the next technology.