Tuesday, February 2, 2010

What's Up with Myrna?

I realized I haven't written much about what new things Myrna has been up to. Of course she's now an expert walker (though with walking we sometimes think she has forgotten how to crawl - so maneuvering under the kitchen table can be difficult as she bonks her head if she's upright).

She's mastered the hug, and loves to give both Chris and I cuddles. She even hugs her stuffed animals, which is just adorable. She still loves electronics - she's figured out the flipping open of my cell phone and gives her (creepy) 3-tooth grin when she sucessfully get's Chris's phone to ring (thankfully that's the only number I call). Yesterday, in one of her rare "get to play with Mom's ipod" moments, she was fascinated by the fact that she could make music come out of the headphones (previously, the ipods she'd played with didn't have the headphones attached). She gets all smiley when she hears the ringing of a Skype call (and we hope it is because she's happy to see her grandparents, and not just to see herself on the computer screen). That same funny grin always pops out when she gets to help with the unloading of the dishwasher - still her favorite morning activity.

And speaking of her 3-tooth grin - that figure will soon double, as we see three more upper teeth breaking through.

Her table manners are drastically improving, and we now can give her a plate of food without her necessarily tossing it about. She still gives us this amazed smile which seems to say "really? I get to be in control of the plate?" She will challenge any of you to a Cheerio eating contest - the object being to fill your mouth with Cheerios, but only picking up one at a time, and making sure to somehow eat them before you start laughing and they fall out. She'll take the same challenge with peas. She'll gladly eat pieces of crackers - but only after defiantly throwing them on the floor at dinner and finding them on the floor the next morning.

I'm sure there is a ton more I forgetting, but I'll just leave you with this great fashion pose of her in her awesome jacket from Christina and Eric.

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annluvsshoes said...

I love the red carpet pose with the tilted knee. It looks like she's ready for her closeup.