Monday, February 1, 2010

Café Napping

This weekend was full of café hopping. Saturday we joined the crowd at String Café for the weekend breakfast buffet. Myrna fell asleep on the way and stayed sleeping as we transported her onto her chaise lounge. Her parents got two plates full of breakfast goodies before she woke up to join in the food shoveling fun.
Sunday afternoon we visited our friends at Drop Coffee. Once again, Myrna dozed off on the bus, and put up no fuss when repositioned inside. Coffee grinders and milk steamers are lullabies to her.
She certainly isn't always napping at Drop Coffee. Sometimes she is even the special invited guest at espresso tastings, as seen in this video. Lots of new photos were added to her January photo album, and soon a February one will be up.

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Mark Jabbusch said...

And who said coffee only keeps you awake.