Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday at the Bibliotek

Earlier this week Myrna and Chris had visited a new library to, among other things, check out a novel for me. As it happened it was quite the kid friendly library, and they were looking forward to returning. Wednesday morning on my ride into KTH, I started in on the book, only to realize I had actually read it before. So this Saturday Chris and Myrna took me to the Kungsholmen Bibliotek. Myrna wasn't so interested in a morning nap so we bundled on up for our outing.
Of course, she fell asleep on the 15 minute bus ride, but was happy to wake up in a place for her to play.
Lots more snapshots from the library and earlier this week are on her new February Picasa page.


Anonymous said...

It's cool to see that Myrna has inherited her Mom and Dad's love of books. And I'm thrilled that she's so tech-savvy! One day she'll be teaching you how to operate whatever new stuff the world inflicts on us! What a bright smile!!!


Aaron Burkhalter said...

Snazzy threads! (or should I say, yarns!)

I loved seeing the video of Myrna on the coffee blog. Is that the only place they posted the video, or did it appear elsewhere?